StayElsies drone (1) lr cr.jpg
house  copy3.jpg
image draft1 option3 post2019 f.jpg
recent projects-8UP.jpg
slide (1)cr.jpg
slide (1) copy.jpg
Modern Meeting Room
MIXED USE & VIDA E  (revised design)  ANGOLA (2).jpg
city render cr2.jpg
sample (7)2.jpg
Bright Bedroom
Modern Kitchen
sandhurst cr.jpg
Community Centre seen from street2.jpg

As a world-class architectural 3D visualization firm with offices in Frankfurt and Cape Town since 2003 REAL-SPACE has established a unique, extremely high-end signature  process of merging the real world with the virtual world. Passionate about high-end 3D rendering we have visualized all types of architectural projects
 all over the globe, from high-rise buildings in Dubai, over bush camps in Kenya to Donald Trump's luxury condominiums in SOHO, Manhattan,
New York.

 Most of our full-time 3D rendering specialists are also qualified Architects which gives our architectural rendering skills, the ultimate edge.